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The Forlorn Update

Commanders, the Update has finally arrived! If you want to head straight into the action, this page will show you everything in the Update –> https://boombeach.com/articles/news/updates/update.html

Coming to a Beach near you……

Imitation Game

Lt. Hammerman has copied the BEST player bases in the Archipelago and now you have the chance to destroy them. Imitation Game is the newest addition to the Cycle of Evil and will feature 7 stages of increasing difficulty. The bases will feature persistent damage, but you will only have 10 attacks to take them down.

Forlorn Hope

The most difficult Operation ever created. It will feature the new Barbed Wire, which will damage and slow troops moving through it. Forlorn Hope will cost 186 intel and you’ll be rewarded with 1820 Force Points if you succeed!

Also note that all other Operations will be getting slightly easier in order to accommodate a wider variety of troop combinations.

Update Notes

  • NEW
  • New Operation: Forlorn Hope
  • New Cycle of Evil event: Imitation Game
  • New Gearheart Base layouts

  • HQ Upgrade requirements added to levels 6-8
  • Retreating Critters no longer explode (they will continue to distract defenses)
  • Defensive building ranges now shown during replays
  • Base Layout improvements (there is now an option to remove objects in the way)
  • Friendly Challenge improvements – Sending a challenge will now take a ‘snapshot’ of your base instead of the attacker seeing your current layout if you change it.

  • Machine gun level 22 shooting animation improvements
  • New UI button for the Shop
  • Supply chest rewards are now displayed on the Rank up screen
  • Kicked Players will no longer receive OP rewards

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Maintenance: cycle of events and more!

Boom have a short maintenance break at 5PM Finnish time and will fix:

1) Fix to cycle of evil events, and levels increasing automatically on login.

2) Player can no longer attack if scouting and has no attacks left when attacking NPC that has attack counts (the map no longer gets stuck).

We should be back to Boom shortly!

ETA:03:00pm UTC

Duration: ~20-30 minutes



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RESOLVED: Maintenance: imitation game persistance and more!

Update: We’re back online!

Commander, we’ll have a short maintenance break soon to fix Imitation Game damage persistence plus fixing issues with Forlorn Hope force points. We should be back to Boom shortly!

ETA:02:00pm UTC

Duration: ~20-30 minutes



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RESOLVED: Maintenance: Fixes to Gearhart and more!

Status: Boom is back online!

Commander, well have a short maintenance to fix Gearheart, out of sync messages and friendly challenge replays! Stay tuned, and thank you for your patience!

ETA:06:00pm UTC

Duration: ~20-30 minutes



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Maintenance: Enabling BoomBox in China

Commander, We will have a short maintenance to enable the BoomBox in China.

Thank you for your patience!

ETA:11:30 UTC

Duration: ~30min

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