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Critters VS NPC

Mega Epic5

We all know these dreadful times when you are in
a great run wiping opponent after opponent on your map, when suddenly you lose a lot of your troops and you are sitting there waiting while these buggers train and fill up your boats again.
You are sitting there watching your screen, slowly rubbing you thumb over it while hoping you don’t get kicked out because you where saving for a upgrade… bleh I hate these moments.

So de heer Slot, NSG and me want to introduce you to our favorite hobby

Mega Epic2

We think these little crawling blueboy’s are epic and have been trying to get as many NPC’s down with them as possible. We are only allowed to use GBE, but whatever you do with it is up to you.
A lot of NPC’s can be done with critters, and we have recorded the first set for you guys to try out. We have created a video with 12 XP60 NPC’s which can be taken with a starting gbe of 97. This means if you have 1 GBE Masterpiece, and 3 GBE Guardians, you can take them without boost.. But most of you will use this when in boost and waiting for troop training, so if you have about 95/97 GBE when in boost, you can take them down to.
The next video will be the harder ones, which costs more than 100 starting GBE, but for now we have:

Mega Epic3

The starting GBE is the GBE we had when we attacked the NPC. So all the GBE which is gained in the map by defeating defenses is not calculated in the above numbers.. If you have a starting GBE of 97, you can take them all!

Check them out and use it to your advance.. Training troops is when you can use them most. While in boost, It’s great fun to do, and it’s only costs you a bit of gold

Keep in mind we are maxed players so
– Level 21 Barrage
– Level 21 Artillery
– Level 7 Critters



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“Mega Crab Rises” NEW Update!!!

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The Mega Crab Rises

The new Mega Crab Rises Update brings you massive attack options

Mega Crab Rises is a mega event with a Crab that is hungry for your attacks. Try to defeat as many levels as possible. We don’t know when Mega Crab Rises comes back!
With massive loot and rewards Mega Crab Rises is a really nice event! It’s a huge base which can shape in any way. You attacks stack so you can try as many times as you want on a map, and eventually beat it. You only have 7 days to defeat as many maps as possible. Afterwards he will go down again to the bottom of the ocean and regain his strength.
Try to beat other players on the ranking. You can fight your Taskforcemembers and a leaderboard for your country. Afterwards you can even find yourself on the global ranking if you are good enough.

Ask our Taskforce members in the chat to share attacks and strategies. Our Taskforce is really fanatic about this, and will help you in any way. Last time our de heer Slot even went to spot 18 on the Dutch leaderboard! So share and learn!!

Mega Crab is a new event, so maybe things will change next time. Don’t worry it will come back, but nobody knows when exactly.


We’re investigating why the Task Force and Friends leaderboards appear empty for the Mega Crab. No ETA on a fix yet.

Will the Mega Crab be back? We haven’t decided yet. We want to wait until the event is over before we make those decisions. We have a lot of feedback and data to analyze.


Task Force and Friends leaderboards should be up and running

Global leaderboards will be coming soon!


Here is a link to our Known Issues page

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New Update !!!! “The Last Crustacean”

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Update: “The Last Crustacean”


Coming today…

Commanders! We’re working on something amazing for January, but in the mean time here’s a small update to keep things fresh for Task Forces:

– 10 new Power Base layouts
– Operation participation % won’t include successful operations, if you didn’t attack
– Sabotage can now target Shield Generators and Damage Amplifiers
– Several graphical updates for Vault levels
– Dr. Terror is now called Dr. T (while Boom Beach is set in a fantasy world, we have changed the character’s name to Dr. T given recent real-world events)
– Lots of bug fixes!

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NEW Update!!!!! “Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell”

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Update: “Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell”


– Headquarters Level 21
– Armory Level 21 brings new upgrades for Troops and Gunboat Abilities
– Boost your HQ’s durability with a new prototype defense: the Shield Generator
– Stun enemy troops with a shocking new mine: the Shock Mine
– More achievements
– Seashells

– Co-Leader rank to share the burden of command
– Co-Leaders can do almost everything the Leader can do, except:
– They can’t demote or kick the Leader or other Co-Leaders
– They can’t promote anyone to Leader
– Intel prices reduced for all operations
– New Power Base layouts
– More visibility on operation attack participation
– Task Force description edits are visible in the chat
– The Leader, Co-Leaders and Officers have colored names in the chat
– Prototype defense weapons now appear on Power Bases

– Hammerman on the hunt event has been revamped to include seven stages
– He’s also learnt how to use Gunboat Abilities…
– Conveniently reinforce your Landing Crafts while on the map screen
– Change Landing Craft troops without having to cancel currently reinforcing troops first
– Get more recommended Task Forces with a handy new “get more” button
– Added an effect for when a prototype defense weapon is about to expire
– The Armory now animates when an upgrade is in progress
– Player #tag popup is disabled when attacking
– An epic win sound plays if you get at least one Power Stone Crystal
– Added new loading screen hints
– Popovers now close by tapping the button that opened them
– Added attacker’s name to the Activity Log
– A bunch of new and updated graphics
– Lots of bug fixes

– Prototype defense weapons now last for 7 days instead of 12 days
– Hammerman on the hunt event will yield more prototype modules
– “???” diving spots will sometimes give prototype modules
– Damage Amplifier has been improved with a bigger effect radius and more health
– Re-worked the distribution of module costs to take the Shield Generator into account
– Level 1 prototype weapons cost two modules more in total
– Level 3 prototype weapons cost six modules less in total
– Doom Cannon now shoots every 3.5 seconds at all levels (previously 5s, 4s, 3s) and its damage per shot has been significantly increased for levels 2 and 3
– Shock Blaster damage reduced

– The ability to save/load Resource Base layouts (it was left in the last update by mistake)

Yepp! De Tweakers.net FanForce heeft grootse plannen in 2016!!