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Online Timer

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You are addicted timer

Online Timer

When you are reading this you are a true Boomer and have seen the Online Timer 🙂 You have probably seen a red timer in the right corner of your game and are asking what it means.

It means you play a lot… A WHOLE LOT 🙂

You can be online 4 hours total without being attacked. It’s a sort of shield. After these 4 hours you can be attacked even when you are online. Use is smart because running out of time while in boost could be devastating for your upgrade. So plan your 4 hours smart!
The timer resets at 02:00 in the Netherlands (current time).

We have 2 types of timers

First timer which runs down from 00:30 to 00:00

This timer shows you that you can be online for 30 minutes without being attacked. You will see the timer in the top right corner. If you click it it will say you still have 30 minutes left. This means you have already been online 3 hours and 30 minutes today.

Second timer which show the time until reset

The second timer shows you the time left until your new 4 hour window opens up again. Usually this is 02:00 at night. In this time you can be attacked even if you are online.

So be proud if you boom while seeing the timer… it means you like it 🙂


You will get interrupted if you are out of time.. You will be kicked out of the game and get to see a screen with how long it can take (up to 4 minutes). You can also be kicked out if you are attacking a opponent. As long as you did NOT land troops you can be kicked out. The moment you land troops nobody can attack you.


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Why is my opponent higher in XP than me?


Yes the matchmaking system works :). It’s fine and we can use it perfectly.. don’t worry if you are here because you ran into a wall of high/ hard to beat players. We are here to help you.


There are a few facts:
– You are matched against opponents with your VP (Victory Points)
– XP (Experience Points) have nothing to do with matchmaking
– Players can have extremely low or high VP in relation to XP.


When a player invades your map he has about the same VP as you at that particular moment. He can be 20 VP higher or lower than you, but always around your own XP. This means if you are XP47 with 500VP, you can get opponents with XP59 and 500VP, or XP37 with 500VP.

As long as a player has about the same VP as you… it can spawn on your map.


Your eye should always be on your VP count. If your opponents start to get harder and you can’t beat them., you should try to upgrade your offense without rising in VP. This way you still get the same opponents, but you gain strengt. You should always try to be in an perfect VP range for your offense capabilities. If you can beat opponents with 1 hand while doing the dishes, it’s time to rise in VP..

So throughout the game you should ask yourself if it’s time to push VP or remain where you are.

Pushing VP

IF you start to push VP than also benefit from it. Don’t just start to push but plan it. You always need those few big upgrades.. These can be done while pushing VP. Beat your complete map including events, and rise in VP, but also have lots of resources to spend. Never push VP without upgrading offense related items. This way you never hit the wall if you keep a eye on your VP.

Dropping VP

Meh… this isn’t really fun to do and it takes ages and ages to drop.. You could place your HQ right on the beach without defense around it and hope players start to raid you like madmen, but it seems not to help really well. You are better of saving up 7 PowerPowder, fill up your map, and beat everything while in boost. Use the resources to upgrade something Offense… Do this a few time and you are back in balans. Between these session take a break of 1 week so you don’t rise in VP due to these sessions.

Getting harder opponents is not always bad!!!

Harder opponents with higher XP tend to have more resources than opponents with low XP… So getting a high XP player on your map could be the key to those expensive upgrades. Beating him will reward you with twice the amount of resources a lower XP would give… So finding the edge of what you can beat it the fun!.. Barely beating a opponent but getting massive amounts of resources is great!!


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