Dr T is the brains behind the Blackguard’s Artifact Weaponization Project

Dr T Tropical and Vulcano

Dr T Tropical and Vulcano. Most of his time is occupied with conducting evil experiments and taking scenic walks on the beach; but he also enjoys invading the archipelago to Dr. Tize innocent islanders.

Dr. T has two bases hidden in the Archipelago. Nobody really knows where and when Dr. T will strike. But here’s a hint:

Have you successfully defeated Lt. Hammerman’s Headquarters? Don’t rest on your laurels for too long – the Blackguard might send Dr. T to take up residence in the ruins of Hammerman’s HQ.

Dr. T’s bases are a good source for Dark Power Stones and Resources. Defeating him does not give you Victory Points.

Each event contains several stages – should you successfully beat a stage, an upgraded Dr. T base will appear in its place. Each new stage provides an increased level of difficulty, but is also stocked with more loot.


Dr T Tropical and Vulcano


There are plenty rewards to be found on his island. Purple stones and resources and intel are the main rewards. But sometimes you can even find Protoparts!






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