The events of Boom Beach!


Prepare yourself Commander; vicious enemies inhabit the archipelago!
Evil takes no vacation, as Dr. T, Lt. Hammerman and Colonel Gearheart provide every day threats!Events fall on a rolling basis, with a different one occurring each day (if you have unlocked all of them!). While always arriving in the same order, they’ll shift by one day each week due to their 6-day rolling cycle.
Daily events begin in the morning, ending at night (according to your time zone) with a duration of 21 hours.  Note that the event timer does not take summer / winter times into consideration!

Unlocking of Events:


Dr. T unlocks after defeating certain Lt. Hammerman Headquarters
Hammerman’s attacks unlock only after you’ve built the Weapon Lab, available at HQ level 15.
Colonel Gearheart’s War Factory can only be attacked after beating Lt. Hammerman’s HQ level 45.
Important: unlocking an event won’t make it appear right away – but instead will add it to your rotating Cycle of Evil. This means it may take a few days for certain events to occur.


Mega CrabMega Crab

Mega Crab is Epic. You can never win 🙂 .. There are infinite levels to beat. Each Attack is accumalating, so you can stack attacks on a map. You can always use some attacks with only GBE! It has it’s own ranking.. so bring it on!








Gearheart is a Full Offense event. Try to beat the massive base of Gearheart in 3 tries. Damage accumulates, so be smart and prepare the map before attempting to finish it.







Hammerman is a Full Defense event. Hammerman will attack your base. Try to defend your Beach and wipe all the Hammerman troops. Attacks com in waves, and you have 7 stages to beat. Swap your defense between your tries!






Dr T TropicallDr. T – Tropical!

The Tropical Dr. T event. This one is the easy one, but don’t be fooled. You better bring you best troops!






Dr T VulcanooDr. T – Vulcano!

The Vulcano Dr. T event. This one is the harder one. Be careful and watch HP and DPS closely… You wil be beaten if you don’t












Cycle Of Evil

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