The hardest girl in the game


Colonel Gearheart has set up her War Factory in your Archipelago. Tear down her base in the hunt for prototype modules. You will have three attempts during a 21 hour time period to defeat her base – each attack will leave persistent damage, similar to Task Force operation attacks.
You will be rewarded with prototype modules and resources based on the amount of buildings you destroy. Use these modules in the Weapon Lab to create powerful prototype defense turrets for your base. The Weapon Lab unlocks at HQ level 15. Rumour has it that Colonel Gearheart can be found on an ice island in the far North-East of the Archipelago, which used to be inhabited by Lt. Hammerman.
Note: Unlocking the event won’t make it appear right away – but instead will add it to your rotating Event Cycle (see FAQ “Cycle of Evil”). This means it may take a few days for Colonel Gearheart’s War Factory to appear.

Kolonel Radarhart


You can win Resources and prototypes of Gearheart. You don’t have to beat here to get some. Just shoot down some buildings on her base and you will get rewarded.



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Unlocks: After beating Lt. Hammerman XP Level 45
Occurs: once every six days
Starts: early in the morning
Ends: late at night
Duration: 21 hours
Attack attempts : 3
Reward: Prototype Modules & Resources
Reward thresholds: 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 65, 150 (number of buildings destroyed)




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