Lt. Hammerman strikes back!

Luitenant Hammerman

So you thought you can destroy Lt. Hammerman’s bases and he won’t come after you? Think again!
Lt. Hammerman’s fleet just appeared in the Archipelago and he’s about to attack your base! Luckily you sent out some spies so you’ll know what troops he’ll be sending after you. So prepare yourself! Re-shuffle your base if needed to make sure it stands strong against his evil forces.
Hammerman is going to taunt you in 7 stages. At each stage he will attack your base in waves. With each wave he will deploy several Landing Crafts full of troops and will fire a range of Gunboat weapons at your base.
The stages are the same for every player and his attacks will become more difficult to repel from stage to stage. There is no limit as to how often you can try to defend at a certain stage.
Should you manage to repel the attack, you’ll be rewarded with prototype modules. Use these modules in the Weapon Lab to create powerful prototype defense turrets for your base.
Remember: In order for the event to unlock you have to build the Weapon Lab first! Unlocking the event won’t make it appear right away – but instead will add it to your rotating Event Cycle (see FAQ “Cycle of Evil”). This means it may take a few days for Hammerman’s fleet to appear.

Are you ready, Commander?



Start of with all your defenses at the beach. Rearrange when a defense fails.




Luitenant Hammerman

Protoype Defense

Protoype defenses help allot against Hammerman. Place them soon before the the even starts, they have a 10hour building time





Luitenant Hammerman


Hammerman gives a whole load of Prototype parts!


Overview Event:

Unlocks: After building the Weapon Lab
Occurs: once every six days
Starts: early in the morning
Ends: late at night
Duration: 21 hours
Stages: 7
Attempts: Unlimited
Reward: Prototype Modules



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