Mega mega MEGA rewards!!!

Mega Crab Event!!

This is super fun! Dr. T has build a Mega Base on a Crab and you have to defeat it. There is no end, unlimited levels can be beaten.. it never stops. The event runs for 7 days, and every 3 hours you get a new attack chance. je can save up a maximum of 7 attacks,

Your attacks are stacked. So if you attack level 4 and destroy 20 buildings, these buildings are still destroyed in you next attack. Now you can use your next attack to finish the level. So you can also use a attack with only GBE. Shoot down a RocketLauncher with gbe and retreat. Next attack is now much more easy with full GBE and troops.

The levels get harder and harder. Not only the amount of defenses, but also the level of those defense go up. Also watch out for statues! But there is a leaderboard. Even 2 of them. You can participate in your Taskforces leaderboard or the country wide leaderboard. de heer Slot from our Taskforce has reached spot 18 on the Dutch Leaderboard!!!!

Mega Crab


The maps are modular so they can change layout every level. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are large. The even have different angels and corners in them. Be careful when choosing a route in a big map. Sometimes it’s pretty easy left.. and to hard right.


Mega Crab


You can land on multiple beaches in the Mega Crab levels. When choosing a route its easy to pick the right beach. Somethimes the level has 1 beach.. but you can have up to 3 beaches in 1 level. Choose carefully !


Mega Crab

Critter Globe

Mega Crab is the first time we see a Critter Globe. These glass globes burst open when hit and critters are released. Huge amounts will roam free in the level. But use them carefully. Only break them when needed as distraction or after you demolished Splash damage defense around it.


Mega Crab


Massive amounts of rewards come from Mega Crab. You can get Intel, Diamonds and resources, but also all types of Powerstones. But the best part.. the thing we have not seen before is PowerPowder!!!! Super nice we get PP in this event!








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