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This page contains all info about the Tweakers  Taskforce in Boom Beach. Tweakers 1 is our main TF with the best en most enthusiastic players. We fight for the top but always try to keep is cool and relaxed. Are you online every day, and to you think attacking is fun… Join us!

Top TF

Tweakers 1 is our main TF. If you like BoomBeach above average you can join here. It’s mandatory to attack every day, and bringing in some intel is really important.. The chat is really active and Attacks are always discussed. We adapt our strategies continuously. We need all types of troops, where Smokey Zookah is the most used at the moment. If your attack goes wrong we don’t hate you 🙂 we rather laugh about it. Feedback will try to learn you something…

The most important rule is you WANT to attack.

Chain of Command

  • Leider: World Citizen
  • CO-Leider: de heer Slot
    CO-Leider: Raffelos
  • Officer: Oscar
  • Officer: Steen
  • Officer: Generaal Bartje
  • Officer: remco
  • Officer: Onroptem
  • Officer: EnerQi
  • Officer: paul
  • Officer: Dr. Flatulenski
  • Officer: gnauw
    Officer: pieter10
    Officer: NSG
    Officer: Rainmaker
    Officer: Torgo81

TF Rules

1. Attack

With all started operations it’s vitally important you attack. Can’t attack, for whatever reason? Please let us know in the TF chat. If we don’t win the mission and you didn’t attack, we’ll hold that against you. It might end up in a ban from the taskforce. We don’t like freeloaders.

2. intel requirement

We have intel requirements. We ask you to bring in a minimum intel of 25 a week. We really need the intel to start the mission we want. We can start a mission almost every day, once in 2 weeks we are just short.. so the single extra intel you bring in is really important..

P.S.: This rule is under constant debate, it could very well be that we will start requiring a minimum intel. Intel is an essential resource to keep developing a taskforce to the next level.

3. Dutch

You need to speak and read Dutch… It doesn’t matter if you live on the moon.. but we do all communication in Dutch.. so this is a must.


That’s it! No further rules. Below you can find some tips about the unwritten rules that come into play when playing Boom Beach in a Task Force. Please read them thoroughly as they will provide clarity and guidance, they might also prevent some irritation with your fellow players.

Playing Boom Beach in a Taskforce

Help your fellow players

We’re in this together, as a team. We play in a Taskforce, this means helping each other out from time to time. Sadly it’s not possible to exchange resources in the game. Knowledge and wisdom are valuable as well, and luckily we can exchange those. We ask you to help other taskforce members in solving their issues. This way we can develop together and achieve great heights with our taskforce!

Mission Attacks

Always read the Base Notes! We can’t stress this point enough. The only way to optimally take advantage of team play is coordination. By reading the Base Notes before you attack, you know what strategy the team is following and how to best contribute to that strategy. If you have another view on how to take on the base at hand, please discuss it in the chat before going at it yourself. If we all just follow our own plan we’ll need too many players to actually win this fight.

If you’re novice at the game it can sometimes be hard to decide what troops to land on the enemy base. Please ask advice in the chat! There are plenty players that want to help you.

Never retreat your troops

Never retreat your troops in a mission as long as they can do damage! The only exception to this rule are medics that are alone on the battlefield. Those you can retreat. It’s quite annoying for other players that just invested tens of thousands of gold into an attack, completely destroying their fleet of tanks and scorchers while seeing you pull back a few Zooka’s before they fire their last shots without a clear reason. The same goes for not landing any troops, it’s offending to other players.

Ask not what your Taskforce can do for you, ask what you can do for your Taskforce! 😉


Tweakers 1

Yepp! De FanForce heeft grootse plannen in 2016!!